Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Most often the smallest room in your house, bathrooms are the easiest room in your house to transform and create a pleasant ambiance. A couple easy steps can turn your bathroom from plain looking into something fancy that gives it a new home feel. Consider these bathroom decor ideas that you can use to redecorate your bathroom:

  • Bath sets and accessories:  Consider adding bath sets and accessories to your current bathroom. Matching bathroom sets typically include a soap pump or holder, tissue box holder, waste basket and a toothbrush holder that can help you organize the bathroom and give it a sharp look that instantly improves the feel of the bathroom. These items placed throughout the bathroom will make the décor pop.
  • Bathroom mat sets: Another area for comfort and improvement in the bathroom are matching bathroom mat sets. These typically include a mat in front of the sink, toilet bowl mat, and in some cases a mat for the toilet bowl cover. Mats not only add style but comfort while in the bathroom. Combining matching sets that contracts matching bathroom accessory sets are enough make your bathroom feel like it’s brand new.
  • Bathroom curtains and towels: Take your matching skills to the next level by adding bathtub/shower curtains and matching towel sets. Both items are a necessity so why not focus on matching and contrasting colours between the curtains and towels. Curtains can be plastic or fabric and are available in any colour combination you can think of.

Other bathroom re-design considerations:

  • Decrease your clutter: Create more space. Like any makeover, you have to clean up the space before you can think about redecorating. Move everything out of your bathroom that isn't necessary. That would probably mean going through all personal hygiene items, throwing out anything that's expired or things that you never use. Think about the items stored in your bathroom and see if there is any other place in your home where they can be stored.
  • Fixture and Accessory Sizes: Evaluate the size of everything in your bathroom. Most bathroom fixtures are standard size. Must you have a large vanity holding up your sink? Or could you create more space by putting a free-standing sink in your bathroom? Visually, doing this will open-up your bathroom space and make it feel bigger.
  • Use the space of corners: Corner-space is often left untouched in bathroom organization. You can take advantage of space in a bathroom corner by putting a vanity, sink, and storage unit, anything that will create more room and floor space for your bathroom design. If you have to move plumbing to relocate a sink or bathtub, consider the costs and pros/cons before you go to all the trouble of relocating plumbing.
  • Using Vertical space for storage: Vertical-Space is another space that doesn't get used enough when it comes to bathroom decor ideas. You may want to have a tall cabinet for storage rather than using a vanity for storage. Using vertical space gives you more bathroom floor space! Also, consider hanging towels vertically so that you're not using up an entire wall length for one towel rack. Avoid using bulky cabinets.
  • Have a good light source: A brighter room feels bigger than a dim room. Consider recessed bathroom lighting fixtures (those that go up into the ceiling). Hanging fixtures can make the ceiling seem lower. Mounted fixtures make space seem crowded. Avoid bulky bathroom lights that look too heavy for a small room. Use accent lights and if possible, add a skylight or window to your bathroom.
  • Colours and Mirrors: Lighter colours make a room look bigger. White paint is ideal for ceiling colour. Use dark colours only as accents, like on bathroom tiles. Use light, subtle colours in your painting bathroom ideas, especially on walls, floors, and main bathroom fixtures. Mirrors open up any space. Consider putting a full-length mirror or even making an entire wall a mirror

Happy Redecorating!